see it and instantly fall in love,
and then return to discover it.

Over millennia, the city walls have protected precious gems of art, culture and history, in unexpected vestiges.

They shine giving to its citizens and visitors from around the world a unique and seductive spectacle. This historical and cultural heritage of humanity is beloved by painters, poets, travelers and famous personalities of each era.

Verona, a true work of art, appeals to everyone with its play of influences among eras, culture, and knowledge, interweaving classical and Germanic culture, Nordic and solar, ancient and dynamic at the same time.

Walking through the alleys, visitors find glimpses of an enchanting and unexpected harmony of different historical eras.

At every step: traces of magnificent Roman origins, the marks of the medieval era and its Scaliger knights, the great Renaissance palaces, along with the impressive fortifications which protect them.
This charming collection fascinates and enchants year-round.